Slimming Challenge

National Online Bikini Slimming Challenge

Sizzle on the Beach this Summer ! Get Slim and Feel Fabulous.
New Sensational Mind & Body Make-over!!!

Summer Countdown was R1500 now R375

Get gorgeous, feel confident & have fun on the beach this summer!

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Slimming Challenge 6

Our “biggest loser” will not only lose loads of weight, but will also win R500 in Prizes to celebrate your success!

The 6-week intense online course includes:

  • Slimming Coaching Starter Kit
  • Motivational Newsletters with the hottest tips and tricks
  • Healthy lifestyle for life eating plan
  • Calorie guidelines (what a 100 calories looks like & what delicious treat/cheat foods you can eat)
  • List of the best ways to burn calories, as well as energy-expenditure charts
  • Delicious Low Fat / Calorie Smoothies / Health-drinks Ideas
  • Goal Sheets & Action Principles for Success
  • Charts for Body Measurements
  • Dream Collage & Visualization Board
  • Social Interactivity & Support on Facebook
  • Desktop Wallpapers for Motivation
  • Mobile Phone Positive Motivators
  • Printable Inspirational Posters, Flash Cards, Slimming Aids
  • Slimming Affirmations & Power words to juice you up
  • Free Weight loss slimming e-books to aid your Success
  • Team Support & Peer Group Coaching

With combining specialised weight-loss techniques from overseas, Sports Psychology, Positive Mind Power Training and Advanced Coaching Tools, the Lightness of Being weight-loss challenge all but guarantees substantial weight-loss, increased fitness, a more positive outlook on life and a bucket-load of confidence and self-esteem.

Sample Topics from the course:

  • You can do this! If you think you can’t be slim…. think again
  • The vicious cycle of dieting failure and how to break it
  • Empower yourself. Think Slim ~ whose thoughts are they anyway?
  • Identify your negative wizards
  • How to counteract “the urge”
  • Our emotions and why you are eating for comfort
  • Who are your dieting saboteurs?
  • What are the subconscious habits that are making you overweight?
  • Fat habits & how to change them
  • Yes, is it possible to eat choc’s & chips and be slim
  • How to arm yourself when real life gets in the way
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Exercising choice rather than willpower
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Changing your mindset, changing your behaviour
  • Travelling light – A lifestyle for a lifetime
  • Leading the road to Victory.
  • Poised to Win. Living up to your poential. Walking Tall

So, no matter how much you have to lose, how long you’ve been on a diet, or how much you doubt your capabilities…
It is possible for us to help you slim.

To develop commitment and a burning desire for success, you need our online monitoring & motivation programme – because if you can’t move yourself….. we will!

Actions speak louder than words. We’ve had previous weight loss records of up to 18 kg at a similar challenge. Countless others lost huge amounts of weight, and you can too !!! So book now, and get slim and gorgeous in time for summer…

Tapes & Measurements (T’s & C’s)

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  • The National Challenge starts Wed, 25th Oct 2017 – please redeem your coupon by Monday 23rd Oct 17 to register for the course.
  • Upon receipt of voucher code, you’ll be forwarded your starter kit
    within 48 hours thereof.
  • Only one coupon per person.
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The Lightness of Being also offers:

  • Corporate Wellness Initiatives
  • Women’s Empowerment Workshops
  • 12 Week Transformation Programmes
  • Executive Coaching
  • Seminars & Events

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Our clients have included: The City of Cape Town, FNB, Standard Bank, Orley Foods, Lesedi Nuclear Services, Motorite Insurance, Sanlam, Edcon, Syntell, Paarl Media, to mention but a few…

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