Slimming Challenge

National Online Bikini Slimming Challenge

Sizzle on the Beach this Summer ! Get Slim and Feel Fabulous.
New Sensational Mind & Body 6 Week Make-over

Summer Countdown was R1750 now R495

Get gorgeous, feel confident, feel and look better than ever before!

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Slimming Challenge 6

Our “biggest loser” will not only lose loads of weight, but will also win R500 in prizes to celebrate your success!

The 6-week intense online group coaching course includes:

  • Slimming Coaching Digital Starter Kit which also includes food & diet trackers, visualization board, body measurement worksheets,  questionnaires to help you and more
  • Motivational Newsletters with the hottest tips and tricks
  • Calorie guidelines (what a 100 calories looks like & what delicious treat / cheat foods you can eat)
  • List of the best ways to burn calories, as well as energy-expenditure charts
  • Delicious Low Fat / Calorie Smoothies / Health-Drinks Ideas
  • Goal Sheets & Action Principles for Success
  • Social Interactivity & Support on Facebook
  • Desktop Wallpapers for Motivation
  • Mobile Phone Positive Motivators
  • Printable Inspirational Posters, Flash Cards, Slimming Aids
  • Slimming Affirmations & Power Words to juice you up
  • Team Support & Peer Group Coaching

With combining specialised weight-loss techniques from overseas, Sports Psychology, Positive Mind Power Training and Advanced Coaching Tools, the Lightness of Being weight-loss challenge offers substantial weight-loss, increased fitness, a more positive outlook on life, healthier living, huge increases in confidence and self-esteem, not to mention the wellness spinoffs that comes from having a great looking body!

Thin is a thought, a constructive plan, an action required on your part – Not some quick fix of patches, tablets, miracle creams, fat dissolvers or the like.
Your mind controls everything and we can help you!

Sample Topics from the course:

  • You can do this! If you think you can’t be slim…. think again
  • The vicious cycle of dieting failure and how to break it
  • Empower yourself. Think Slim ~ whose thoughts are they anyway?
  • Identify your negative wizards and counteract “the urge”
  • Eat foods that boost your metabolism
  • Our emotions and why you are eating for comfort
  • Who are your dieting saboteurs?
  • Fat habits & how to change them
  • Yes, is it possible to eat choc’s & chips and still be slim
  • Bullet proof your life – how to arm yourself when real life gets in the way
  • Overcoming obstacles – Exercising choice rather than willpower
  • Change your mind set, change your behaviour
  • Eat foods to keep you feeling fuller for longer periods
  • How to supercharge yourself to burn calories all day
  • Travelling light – A lifestyle for a lifetime
  • Leading the road to Victory and Poised to Win
  • The Ideal Diet Fairy tale

So, no matter how much you have to lose, how long you’ve been on a diet, or how much you doubt your capabilities…
It is possible for us to help you slim.  To develop commitment and a burning desire for success,
you need our online monitoring & motivation programme –
Because if you can’t move yourself….. We will move you!
Actions speak louder than words. We’ve had previous weight loss records of up to 18 kg at a similar challenge.
Countless others lost huge amounts of weight, and you can too !!! So book now, and get slim and gorgeous in time for summer…

Tapes & Measurements (T’s & C’s)

  • The National Challenge starts Monday, 24th Sept 2018
  • In order to redeem your coupon, please forward your full name, contact number(s) and coupon code to
  • Bookings close: Friday, 14th Sept 2018 – please redeem all coupons by then to register for the course and to prepare for the upcoming challenge
  • Upon receipt of voucher code, you’ll be forwarded your starter preparation kit within 48 hours thereof
  • Course sessions will be emailed on a weekly basis on completion of assignments
  • Only one coupon per person
  • Coupons can be bought as gifts
  • Contact (073) 871 8860 for more info / email:

The Lightness of Being also offers:

Corporate Wellness Initiatives
Women’s Empowerment Workshops
12 Week Transformation Programmes
Executive Coaching
Seminars & Events

To see pictures of previous women’s conferences, Click here

More information on the Sparkling Star Women’s Offerings see here

Our Clients have Included:
The City of Cape Town, FNB, Standard Bank, Orley Foods, Lesedi Nuclear Services, Motorite Insurance, Sanlam, Edcon, Syntell, Paarl Media, BHP Billiton, Woolworths, Coty, Clover Danone, Edcon, Spectacle World, Credit Guarantee, SAWEN, Durbell Pharmacies, Aurecon, to mention but a few


Applause from Previous Challenges

“To date I have lost 11.9 kg! To break the cycle of my previous failures I have tried to stay focused on eating more healthy and doing some exercise”
– Candice Teubes

“Goals should have accountability – I joined the national slimming challenge so I have to answer to my team leader & the members of the group. This is the best thing I have ever done. Last week went well. I lost 7kg to date.  Thanx a million”
– Alet Balaam

“Thank you for the inspiration. It sure helps” – Nicola Willow Butler

I feel fantastic! I have lost 3.4kg in the first two weeks and find it remarkable that it has for the most part been relatively easy
– Sanet Du Preez

“Doing great, down 8kg and starting to see toned muscles now. Tried my Sissy Boy jeans on and they fit – whoopee
– Trudi Ginsberg

“Down 10kg and 8% body fat so feeling wonderful” –  Trudi Ginsberg

“After a hickup (derailment!) the previous week, the scale smiled at me this morning with a total loss of 11.2kg
– Petro Coetsee

“Have lost 4kg in total, but picked up 400g last week, maintained that weight this week – so total loss remains at 3.6kg
– Wendy Steytler

“I have lost 2 kg in the last 3 and half weeks. The support and motivation provided by Tanya and having assignments to do each week have made it possible to break the circle of previous dieting failures. The task of putting motivational quotes up around the house has really kept me focussed on my goals”
–  Liezel Grift


Was R1750 now R495
Pay by Friday, 31 August and get a further R45 off


For EFT Payments

Banking Details:
The Lightness of Being cc, FNB: Tokai; Acc: 624 893 66239 Branch Code: 200 409
Kindly email / fax proof of payment to: 0866 22 99 60 with your name and contact details, many thanks


Email: for more info – Call / Whatsapp Tanya: (073) 871 8860

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